• David van Breda
    "Thanx for the GR8 service!"
  • Bruce Andrew
    "Thanks Stefan. You are always so efficient, even when the premium comes down. Thanks for all the effort that you put in to be as a good broker as you are."
  • I’m truly blessed
    “Not all the time one gets great service in SA despite us paying a lot of money it. Today i want to take time and acknowledge an individual who is been taking a lot of nonsense from me and still managed to keep his cool and still managed to delivered. my situation might be similar to most people but maybe the end up being frustrated and don't get help, but in my case with the great service received from Stefan i can say i have the best Broker he has helped me with the fixing of my car when i thought it wasn't going to be possible to get it fixed, he fought with the panel-beaters when they were stalling since they didn't have parts, he makes sure all the time that he's always getting things done and speedily. this morning i called him with regards to my Wife's car being damaged by hail, he immediately made an appointment with the panel beaters and said my Wife must take the car there and i mustn't worry about assessment he will advise as we speak courtesy car is being organised. I'm truly blessed to have a broker like him. keep on touching peoples lives Stefan and God bless!!!!!!”
  • Highly Recommended
    “After getting fed up with all the big insurance names I was referred to First Step by a friend, he told me to speak to Herman. Herman arranged car insurance for me, at a rate much better than anything I had been quoted before, this was all organised in a few hours. I then needed Home Contents insurance, he covered this in under an hour. I then bought a house and needed Life Insurance, I was not sure if they had this product but I asked Herman, he did not offer Life Insurance but sent me to another amazing contact, Lynndet, who was just as efficient and sorted me out asap. Today I needed HOC Insurance, sent Herman a mail and had a quote back in 15 minutes! The service is amazing, quick and cheaper than anywhere else!! Highly Recommended!!!”
  • Efficient service
    “I had an accident on my car and was very worried about being given the runaround by the insurance company. I emailed Nicole and informed her and she immediately got Stefan to phone me and process my claim. I'm happy to say I didn't experience any of the horrible service that insurance companies are notorious for. Thank you Stefan and Nicole for an efficient service.”
  • Mr. and Mrs. Swindon
    “Not only was my insurance put into place painlessly, and super efficiently.....EVERY time i have called Nicole Phillips from Frist Step Insurance, i have got first class service, and a speedy solution to a problem. No more problem. Nicole has insured our car, our home, our home contents, and organised our LIfe insurance. A better company you could not wish to be insured with, especially if Mrs. Phillips is on the other end of the line. Thank you Nicole and God Bless
  • Nice inventive
    “Stefan helped me by attending to a claim that I have submitted regarding my TV that were damaged due to lighting. He went the extra mile by registering the claim the same day and submitted to Renasa insurers immediately. I got a response within two days stating that they will replace my broken TV. Stefan also helped me with another claim last year and the similar approach was done by him. He deserve a pat on the shoulder and a nice inventive.”
  • Great Attitude
    “Short note to thank Herman de Villiers for his willingness to go the extra mile to assist with requests and changes to policies and the quick delivery and response time in overall Great Attitude :-)”
  • Keeping me up to date
    “I am a new customer and received very good service from Wouter Heijmans. Thank you Wouter for writing me a policy at First Step Insurance Brokers. You went the extra mile to get the best price for me and also for arranging and following up and keeping me up to date on the progress throughout.”
  • Brilliant Service!
    “We've never had such excellent service from an insurance broker. What a pleasure being so well understood, accommodated and served. I'll be sure to tell everybody about first step's brilliant service!”